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Phone: (817) 599-8656
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Pickles and Vegetables

Products (Total Items: 12 )
Big As Texas Pickle (24 ounce jar)

Chunk pickles and Habanero nestled on top of a big ol’ onion slab! This pickle is “Big As Texas”.
Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives (16 ounce jar)

Smooth and creamy blue cheese stuffed in a mouth watering queen sized olive.
Bread N' Butter Pickles (16 ounce jar)

Old fashioned coin cut pickles. Grandmaw’s best!
Dilled Green Beans (16 ounce jar)

Whole green beans with blend of red pepper, fresh garlic cloves and fresh dill.
Habanero Pickle Chunks (32 ounce jar)

Our spicy favorite. Hot and salty with butterflied habaneros.
Papa Dill Pickles

Tart, crisp explosion of dill, with a little kick of Jalapeno!
Pickled Beets (16 ounce jar)

Grandmaw’s orginal recipe. Sweet beets piled on top of a bed of onions.
Pickled Green Beans (16 ounce jar)

Packs of bold spicy crunch. Enjoy right out of the jar.
Pickled Okra (16 ounce jar)

Southern delicacy with just enough heat.
Sliced Green Tomatoes (For Frying-32 ounce jar)

Fried Green Tomatoes! Dredge them in buttermilk & coat them in your favorite batter.
Sweet Pickle Chips (16 ounce jar)

Sweet & crunchy coin cut pickles!