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Preserves and Jams

Products (Total Items: 25 )
Apple Butter (16 ounce jar)

Our top selling fruit butter! great on toast, oatmeal, and yogurt!
Apple Butter Juice Sweetened (16 ounce jar)

Delicious and naturally juice sweetened with a hint of spice and no refined sugars
Apple Preserves (16 ounce jar)

Chock-full of apple slices, a hint of cinnamon and spice, just like Grandma’s apple pie!
Apricot Preserves (16 ounce jar)

This hidden gem is the most flavorful of our preserves, great as a glaze on poultry too!
Blackberry Preserves (16 ounce jar)

This decadent preserve is wonderful on any type of bread. Great as an ice cream topper too!
Blueberry Preserves (16 ounce jar)

Sweetened whole blueberries, held in suspension by it’s own juices. Oh’ how sweet it is! 
Cherry Preserves (16 ounce jar)


Full of whole cherries bursting with that tart flavor you love. This spreadable preserve is our favorite and soon to be yours!
Cinnamon Pear Preserves (20 ounce jar)

Cinnamon Pear Preserves! Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time.
Damson Plum Preserves (20 ounce jar)

Damson Plum Preserves! Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time.
Fig Preserves (16 ounce jar)

Spreadable figs, our Southern Secret.
Gala Apple Preserves (16 ounce jar)

Thick, all natural Gala Apple preserves.
Grape Preserves (20 ounce jar)

Grape Preserves! Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time.
Grapefruit Marmalade (20 ounce jar)

Grapefruit Marmalade! Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time.
Green Pepper Jelly (8 ounce jar)

This pepper jelly is a great condiment with pork roast, lamb chops, or simply spread on an english muffin.
Mayhaw Jelly (SEASONAL)

The specialty fruit of the South. This Jelly has a light and fruity taste. Glaze a port tenderloin or spread on toast. This is a true Souther Delicacy.
Peach Butter (16 ounce jar)

Peach cobblers nemesis.
Peach Preserves (16 ounce jar)

Full of golden ripe peaches suspended in its own nectar, adds a little southern sunshine to your morning routine!
Peach Preserves Juice Sweetened (16 ounce jar)

Chunks of peaches, sweetened with white grape juice and kissed with all the goodness of nature!
Pineapple Preserves (20 ounce jar)

Pineapple Preserves! Sweetness in every bite
Pumpkin Butter (12 ounce jar)

This is how to make a biscuit beautiful!
Raspberry Preserves (16 ounce jar)

The color, texture, and flavor of this preserve is heavenly!
Red Pepper Jelly (8 ounce jar)

This full bodied jelly is perfect with cream cheese and crackers..
Strawberry Preserves (16 ounce jar)

These easy spread strawberry preserves are great on toast, bagels, or just by itself. It’s our top seller!
Strawberry Spread Juice Sweetened (19 ounce jar)

JS Strawberry Spread! Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time.
Whole Fig Preserves (16 ounce jar)

Traditional Figs the way they are meant to be preserved.